Al-Hawari Food stuff (Imp& Exp) Co. Is a Libyan company working as a Importer & Exporter for various kind of foodstuffs. Our company deals with the largest food companies in the world and enjoying the quality of their products.

Al-Hawari established in year 1992 at Benghazi City in Libya, in the market named Al Arab market which means the Arab Market. After the subsequent establishment we have spread our whole sale halls in each and every cities of Libya in 1999. Al Hawari is providing all the needs of the local market high-quality foodstuffs.

As a consequence of the expansion of employment and increased demand it was necessary to double the activity to meet the requirements of the market. Al-Hawari has become one of the largest national companies operating in this field since 2003, the company has its own private brands and also has commercial agencies for high quality brands in food stuff.

Company goals

The most important objectives of our company is:

1- contribute to increaing economic growth.

2- Support national and local production.

3- Provide the highest quality food items than it needs consumed in Libya.

Company branches

Hawari company owned branches in each of the following cities: Benghazi, Tripoli, Misurata, Shahat and Tobruk.

Exclusive agent

Contact Us

Address: Benghazi-Libya
Telephone: +218912091447